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Roof-Stain Removal

You may have noticed that many homes have roofs that are streaked with black stains or have moss and lichen growing on them. You may have one or all of these on your roof. Not only can these be unsightly, but can also damage the integrity of your asphalt shingles leading to premature failure.

Over the years many people have inquired if I knew of some way to remove the problems from their roofs. I tried several different techniques and was never satisfied. Eventually I came across a product called Spray and Forget which promised to remove stains, algae, moss and lichen without damaging shingles, paint or wood. In 2006 I ordered a gallon of this product and tried it on my own house. It took a matter of a few months, but over time all the stains on my roof were removed. My roof is 16 years old and looks like a new roof. I finally began offering this as a service to my clients once I was confident in the product and the process of applying it. References are available from satisfied clients.

Contact me if you are interested in an assessment of your roof stains and application of this cleaner to remove stains, moss and/or lichen from your roof. Understand that when used as directed, the results may not be seen for a few months. In certain situations it may be possible to expedite the process using a pressure washer under low pressure so that results are seen more immediately.